Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Apple developing smartwatch "iwatch"

A few months ago I published a couple of posts Google Glass Project and 
TshirtOS about wearable technology, well, this seems to be becoming fashionable; Techradar has been told wearable computing is the next big thing Apple is working on. This time the device is a watch obviously called iwatch.

At the moment there is no much official information but there are certainly some leaks circulating on the internet and the press; The Telegraph wrote that fresh leaks suggest that the device is far more advanced than previously thought and Bloomberg wrote that a team of 100 Apple staff headed by senior executives has been assembled to work on the product.

Some other rumours suggest that iWatch will incorporate a curved glass display which wraps around the users wrist increasing the potential screen-size. It will be able to connect with an iPad or iPhone to receive text messages, social networks and it might even make calls. It is likely to include a GPS sensor and could include a heartbeat monitor.

I wonder what is coming next, iglasses? ikeyring? ishoes? I would truly like to see this stuff.

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